Will all my cPanel accounts be on the same server?
They will not be on the same server. Each cPanel account is a different server in a different city using a different Class A or B IP address.

Do I get WHM access my accounts?
No you will not have WHM access, because your accounts will not be on the same server.

Does each location have separate nameservers (DNS)?
Yes, each location will have separate and unique nameservers.

Does each location have a different and unique IP address from each other
Yes, each location will have a different Class A/B IP address from each other.

Do I have to log into each cPanel to manage my account?
No. You can manage almost all features from within our portal.

Can I change the SOA email on my account?
Yes. During order process, you can pre-select a number of common email address to use. You can also log into the portal to change it later.

Do I submit all the domains I was and you will create them?
No. Once your order is processed, you will be sent a link where you can order your accounts whenever you are ready.

Do I have to manually install Wordpress for each account?
No. When you are ready to order your hosting, during the ordering process there will be a section for you to enter in WP username and password and it will get auto installed for you.